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COVID-19 has changed the way we deliver psychological services.

We now offer eligible Australians telehealth appointments with no need for physical attendance.
Let us know if you are interested in a telehealth appointment.


How to prepare for a telehealth session

Before your session
Complete the Telehealth Informed Consent Form

You will be emailed a link to complete a telehealth consent form prior to your appointment. Please contact the practice if you have not received it yet.

Download and install zoom

Telehealth sessions will be conducted either on the phone, or using a program called Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded as a free app for your mobile, as a free program that runs on your computer, or through your internet browser. Read also the notes at the bottom of this page regarding your privacy and telehealth psychology sessions.

To install Zoom on your phone or tablet, go to from your mobile and click the appropriate "Download" button under the fourth option "Zoom mobile apps".

To install Zoom on your computer, go to and click "Download" under the first option "Zoom client for meetings".


Prepare Your Space

We aim to make the rooms at Wellbeing in Mind Psychological Services warm and inviting so that clients feel safe and comfortable during their sessions. Consider creating a similar environment for your telehealth sessions by:

  • Using a quiet room free from disturbance or interruptions to have your session

  • Choose a comfortable chair

  • Turn other devices off or on silent to avoid disruption

  • Make yourself a cup of tea or get some water

  • Make sure you have access to tissues

  • Log on 5 minutes before your session


After your session

Credit/Debit card details will be requested from you at the time of making your appointment.  These details are securely stored in our practice management software, Halaxy.  More information on Halaxy card security is provided here. Payment for the full consultation fee will automatically be processed electronically via Halaxy at the end of your appointment.  At the same time, your Medicare rebate (if applicable) will be claimed and Medicare will deposit the corresponding rebate into your nominated bank account. 


Your Privacy and Telehealth Sessions

Your privacy when using telehealth is very important to us. No platform is 100% secure from disruption and interference from 3rd parties. There are risks unique and specific to Telehealth, including but not limited to, the possibility that therapy sessions could be disrupted or distorted by technical failures, or could be accessed by unauthorised persons.


We have taken the following steps to protect your privacy when using Zoom (no identifying information contained in emailed invitation to session; unique password to access each session, use of waiting room function by which the psychologist can limit access to the session to the client).


The capture (including screenshots or photos of the therapy session), recording, saving, or dissemination of any personally identifiable images or information from the Telehealth interaction to any other entities shall not occur without your prior explicit written consent.


If you are not comfortable using this platform, please chat with your psychologist about other options (e.g. use of telephone for sessions, continuing with face-to-face sessions, and use of alternative telehealth platforms).

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