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Attachment: Does love matter? 

By Wellbeing in Mind Psychologist Dr Denise Hatzis


Many times over my years when working with families, I have been asked “Can I love my baby too much?”.


Tips for parents to promote self-regulation in preschool children

By Wellbeing in Mind Psychologist Dr Denise Hatzis


Parents understand that there is an expectation that we all need to learn how to control our behaviour, our emotions and our thinking and this is a skill we need to instil in children.


Normal development in children: When should I be concerned?

By Wellbeing in Mind Psychologist Dr Tania Pomario


How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about your child’s development.

Mother and Son

Separation Anxiety 

By Wellbeing in Mind Psychologists Dr Tania Pomario and Dr Denise Hatzis


It’s natural for young children to feel anxious when they have to say goodbye to a parent or primary caregiver.

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