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Social Skills Training Group for Children


Wellbeing in Mind is currently accepting expressions of interest for our social skills training group program STOP THINK DO run by experienced Clinical Psychologist, Denise Hatzis.   

STOP THINK DO is a social skills training program developed in Australia.  It is designed to empower children by teaching them to develop confidence, self-control, decision making skills, responsibility, leadership and friendship-making skills.

Children and young people who possess sound social and emotional skills are generally better able to cope with the stressors of daily life, tend to have better relationships with parents, teachers and peers and perform better academically. Having these skills makes it less likely that a young person will experience significant mental health problems in the future.


STOP THINK DO aims to improve children's friendship making abilities, develop cooperative classrooms, schools and homes, and support children to develop strong emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

The program focuses on teaching the following core skills: 

  • Social Perceptual skills: To teach children to pick up visual, auditory and spatial cues that will help them clarify problems and feelings.

  • Self-control: To hold back and control immediate emotions, so feelings can be communicated appropriately.

  • Cognitive Skills: To think about options in social situations and evaluate their possible consequences

  • Behavioural Skills: To act appropriately, both verbally and non-verbally.

  • Pro-social motivation: To foster attitudes and goals that are pro-social, so children want to use their skills.

  • Support of significant people: To involve teachers, peers and parents in order to extend the children’s new skills and attitudes from the classroom to real life.

Suitability and selection criteria: 

Our social skills training program is suitable for children (aged 8-12 years) who may have:

  • Difficulty connecting with others, joining in with social activities, or developing friendships;

  • Struggle with being bullied or;

  • Are experiencing delays in the development of their social-emotional skills due to the presence of disorders such as ASD or ADHD or because they experience high levels of anxiety.

Children are selected for participation in the group through an initial (parent-only) interview and brief assessment process (30 minutes). At the end of this process, Dr Hatzis will confirm the child's eligibility to participate in the group or may recommend alternative group or individual interventions. 


The parents of each child will be provided with an individual feedback session (30 minutes) after conclusion of the group program.

When and where: 


Location: S.P.A.C.E Kenmore - Cnr Branton Street & Paley Street, Kenmore Hills QLD 4069   


Times: Friday afternoons 15:30 to 17:00 (90 mins)                                          Please note: parents will be expected to attend a 30 min session with one of the facilitators during each group session (from 16:30 to 17:00) to inform you of the skills learnt during that session and to assist you in supporting your child in implementing their new skills at home. 

Number of group sessions: 7 sessions  

Cost: $100 for initial session and $100 for feedback session

          $100 per group therapy session (7 x $100 = $700)

          Total cost inclusive of 2 individual parent sessions ($900)

2021 Dates:

Term 2 07/05/2021 – 18/06/2021 - fully booked

Term 3: 30/07/2021 – 10/09/2021


Medicare: Children with a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) from their GP are eligible for a rebate of $87.45 for the initial intake and feedback sessions and $32.60 for each of the group therapy sessions. 


Private Health Insurance Rebates: If you have ‘extras’ private health insurance, you may be eligible to claim rebates for psychological sessions. Each insurance company is different, and rebates depend on extras cover schemes which can change over time, therefore we recommend that you check with your insurer about rebate amounts.


NDIS: Children with NDIS funding may be able to claim the full cost of the initial intake session and group sessions.  Please discuss your child's participation in the group and cost involved with your plan manager or support coordinator to obtain approval before enrolment.     


How do I register my child: 

Register your interest by completing the form below, calling (07) 3734 7194 or emailing

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