Therapy/Counselling Fees

Clinical Psychologist


Session Fee: $220.00

Medicare Rebate*: $129.55

Out of Pocket: $90.45

NDIS (Plan/self-managed)


Registered Psychologist


Session Fee: $180.00

Medicare Rebate*: $88.25

Out of Pocket: $91.75

NDIS (Plan/self-managed)


Provisional Psychologist


Session Fee: $90

Medicare Rebate: N/A

NDIS (Plan/self-managed)


Wellbeing in Mind is NOT a Bulk Billing practice. Payment is required at the time of the consultation.   However, we understand that times are tough for many people right now.  We do provide a sliding scale of fees for families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Please discuss your situation with your treating psychologist


The fees quoted above are for 50 minute consultations.  Additional fees will be charged for letters/reports.


*Medicare Rebates and Mental Health Treatment Plans

All our Clinical and Registered Psychologists are registered with Medicare and rebates are available for eligible clients. Upon visiting your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist, they will make an assessment about whether you are eligible for Mental Health Treatment Plan, and may refer you to a psychologist. Eligible clients are entitled to up to:

  • 10 individual sessions with a psychologist per calendar year; plus

  • 10 group therapy sessions with a psychologist per calendar year


You will need to have your Mental Health Treatment Plan before you come to the first session with your Psychologist in order for your rebate to be processed. Your Medicare rebate will be processed electronically at the end of your consultation. 


Other Government Initiatives

A range of government bodies offer mental health funding for those meeting eligibility requirements.  Wellbeing in Mind Psychological Services are able to submit claims for treatment to the following organisations:


Private Health Insurance Rebates

If you have ‘extras’ private health insurance, you may be eligible to claim rebates for psychological sessions. Each insurance company is different, and rebates depend on extras cover schemes which can change over time, therefore we recommend that you check with your insurer about rebate amounts.

(Please note that the Item Number for an initial consultation with a Psychologist is 100, and subsequent consultations is 200.)


You will be required to pay the consultation fee in full on the day of your appointment and will then be sent a receipt via email.  If you are eligible to claim private health insurance rebates for psychological sessions, you can then submit this receipt to your insurer to allow you to claim your rebate.    


Payment Methods

Individuals:  Payment for the full consultation fee is due at the end of your appointment.  EFTPOS facilities are available at the practice. At the same time, your Medicare rebate (if applicable) will be claimed and Medicare will deposit the corresponding rebate into your nominated bank account. It is up to you to ensure that your bank details with Medicare are up to date. 

Organisations: An invoice will be issued, and payment will be required within 7 days of the invoice via electronic bank transfer, credit card (over the phone), or cheque. Payment details will be provided on the invoice.



When appointments are booked, the psychologist reserves the whole hour especially for you.  Therefore the following cancellation policy is in place to allow us to offer the allocated time to another person who may be on a waiting list for that appointment.


We require 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a session without incurring any extra fees.  A $50 fee will be charged for non-attendance or less than 24 hours cancellation of a session.


We understand that sometimes you may be unable to keep an appointment because of sudden illness or an unexpected personal emergency. If this happens to you, please contact us as soon as possible to explain the situation.  You may call our office at anytime, even after hours, as we do have an answering service that allows you to leave a message.